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Questions to 5 are based on the following passage:

John had bought a packet of cigarettes just before we caught the train and he offered me one as we settled ourselves in our compartment. We were on our way back from a camping holiday;we had lived rough for over a fortnight and even a cigarette was a luxury at that moment.

I felt in my pocket for a box of matches,but could not find any.

“I haven't got any either,” said John.

Sitting opposite to us was a man whose face was hidden by a newspaper.

“Excuse me,sir,”said John,leaning across. “Could you give me a light,please?”

The newspaper was lowered to reveal a rather elderly man with a stern face.

“This is a no smoking compartment,”the man said. He indicated the notice near the window. We apologized and put away our unlit cigarettes.

The man went on,in a rather more kindly way,to warn us against the dangers of smoking.

“I speak as a doctor,”he concluded,and after that he went back to reading his newspaper.

When he got out a few stations later,he left his newspaper behind him. We picked it up,eager to find out what had happened while we were on holiday.

“Just look at this,”remarked John,pointing to a photograph. “it's the man who was sitting opposite us.” Underneath the photograph was an account of a lunatic (精神病者)who had recently escaped. It appeared that he liked to pretend to be a doctor.

1.The friends had spent their holiday ______.

A. on a boat B. in a tent C. on a farm D. with an aunt

2. Their holiday had lasted ______.

A. more than two weeks B. just two weeks

C. less than two weeks D. a week or two

3. The man ______.

A. threw his newspaper away

B. offered them his newspaper

C. dropped his newspaper

D. did not take his newspaper with him

4. The two friends read the newspaper ______.

A. in a hurry B. with great interest

C. to pass the time D. to look at the pictures

5. The man's photograph was in the newspaper because he was ______.

A. a doctor B. a spaceman C. a madman D. an actor


1、B 此题考查的是考生对文章信息的搜索。We were on our way back from a camping holiday.说明作者刚刚结束露营回来,而露营一般都会联想到tent“帐篷”。A项on a boat“在船上”,C项on a farm“在农场上”,D项 with an aunt“与阿姨一起”,这三项在文章中都没有体现。

2、A 本题考查的是对词义的理解。We had lived rough for over a fortnight.Fortnight意思是两周。Over,“超过”,超过两周,所以应选A, more than two weeks.

3、D.倒数第二行说:He left his newspaper behind him…… A. threw his newspaper away,“扔掉报纸”;B. offered them his newspaper “将报纸给了作者和他的朋友”;C. dropped his newspaper,“扔掉报纸”。

4、D.最后一段第一行说:“Just look at this”,remarked John,pointing to a photograph. “pointing to a photograph”,“指着报纸上的照片”。A. in a hurry,“匆忙地”;B. with great interest,“带着很大的兴趣”;C. to pass the time,“为了消磨时间”。这三项都与文章的意思不符,所以应选A。

5、C.此题旨在测试考生对单词的理解。最后一段第二行说:“Underneath the photograph was an account of a lunatic who had recently escaped.” Lunatic意为“精神病患者”。所以应选C.a madman。

Directions:There are 20 blanks in the following passage,and for each blank there are 4 choices marked A,B,C and D at the end of the passage. You should choose ONE answer that best fit into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

Do you forget to turn off the lights and heaters when you go out of a room?In 2040 it will not 5 . They will turn themselves off—and on again when you return. A sensor will 5 the presence of a human and turn the systems on , and when the humans 58 it will turn them off again.

The sensors will work 59 the central home computer ,and they will do much more than just turn the fires and lights on and off for you . They will detect 0 electrical appliances ,plugs or switches ,1 them so that they cannot harm anyone and then 2 you that they need 3 . They will detect fire and if you are out of the house ,the computer will call the fire brigade . It will also call the police 4 the sensors detect an intruder (闯入者). This will not be too difficult 5 the locks on the doors will be electronic . You will open them using your card —the one you use for 8 —maybe using a number 9 only to you .

The computer will be 0 than a fireman-policeman servant . It will be an entertainer ,and most of your 1 will come 2 into your home. It does now,3 by 2040“entertainment” will 4 much more . For one thing,you will be able to take 5 actively,rather than just watching.

1. A. matter B. function C. work D. mind

2. A. evaluate B. uncover C. detect D. expose

3. A. retire B. leave C. withdraw D. retreat

4. A. during B. in C.through D. between

5. A. displeasing B. unpleasant C. faulty D. mistaken

6. A. depart B. isolate C. divide D. break

7. A. warn B. tell C. persuade D. assure

8. A. mending B. reference C. separation D. repair

9. A. will B. should C. shall D. can

10. A. unless B. if C. when D. because

11. A. inside B. outside C. outstanding D. obvious

12. A. personal B. personnel C. particular D. general

13. A. hiring B. buying C. renewing D.shopping

14. A. realized B. adapted C. known D. informed

15. A. more B. much C. many D. fewer

16. A. achievements B. announcements C. improvement D. entertainment

17. A. only B. right C. correctly D. fast

18. A. but B. or C. other D. then

19. A. intend B. understand C. mean D. program

20. A. part B. place C. step D. action

Part Ⅳ Cloze


1.A.matter=be important,很重要。Function 表示运行,work表示正常,可行;mind表示介意。只有matter最符合题意。

2.C. 本题考查词义。detect:探测出;evaluate:评估;expose:暴露;uncover:揭露。

3.B. retire:退休;withdraw:撤退;retreat:退却;leave:离开。

4.C. 根据句意选through.表示“通过”。

5.C. faulty表示“有毛病的”。Displeasing 和unpleasant都是“令人不快的”,mistaken为“错误的”,都不符合题意。

6.B. 与前文呼应,发现有毛病的要隔离。Depart : 启程,divide: 划分;break:打破。

7.A. 根据上下文含意应填入warn。

8.D. 句意是“警告你他们需要修理了”。mending:缝补;reference:参考;separation:隔离。句中need是情态动词,后面直接接动词。

9.B. 这是一个省略if的虚拟条件句。假设要是有人闯入,sensors就会报警。

10.D. 根据文章上下文可知这里应用because表示原因。

11.B. outside doors 外门。

12.A. 用个人卡开门。Personal :个人的;Personnel:全体职员。


14.C. 一个只有你知道的数码。Realize:意识到;adapt: 适应;inform:通知。

15.A. 由于下文还要谈到sensors还是一个entertainer,所以可知它不只是能当作fireman,policeman等。more than:不只是。

16.D. 由上文的entertainer可以推测出这里填entertainment “娱乐”最合适。

17.B. right是副词,表示:径直地。

18.A. 根据上下文这里是转折关系。

19.C. mean意味着,符合题意。

20.A. take part (in):参加,参与。是固定搭配












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